Lithuania business visa process and prices

One Year Lithuanian (Schengen type) Business D Visa


In order to receive a one-year Lithuanian Business D Visa, you will be required to go through the following procedure. Our team is going to create and register a firm/business in place of you. Then we will prepare essential documents to apply for a one-year lasting Schengen visa, and multiple-entry on the basis that you possess a firm in Lithuania.


Advantages of one-year temporary visa:


    No necessity to employ any Lithuanian citizens;
    Fast processing time;
    You can travel through all EU countries using the identical visa throughout the whole year;
    No need for instruction or police clearance certificates.


You only need to arrange travel medical insurance for a one-year length by yourself, as well as a photo for your application form and document submission fee amounting to 60 Euros. Our legal representatives will arrange all the rest.


Our prices and services regarding to obtain Lithuanian business visa

Packages Standard Advanced Premium Premium+
Price * (EUR) 1 649 € 1 849 € 2 199 € 2 799 €
Legal consultation on business immigration to Lithuania
Company registration in Lithuania
Business visa invitation document package preparation
Express courier delivery of the invitation package  
Consultation on law nuances of local company taxation and opportunities to continue living in the European Union  
Visa application support & embassy interview Q&A online training  
Visa application for 1 adult partner & family members younger than 18      
Accompanying from the airport to a booked hotel or apartment  
Submission of an application file at Lithuania’s migration department
Residence permit application** for a 1-year extended stay after business visa expiration       
Timing *** 3-4 weeks


* You will need to arrange the travel health insurance for one year period, a photo for the application form and document submission fee of 60 EUR. All the rest will be arranged by our lawyers.

** The residence permit can be obtained after 6 months on this visa

*** The timing covers the period from the prepayment to the visa invitation package readiness.


The residence permit can be obtained after 6 months on this visa with a budget of 1100 Euros.


Here is the entire process clarified for you a step at a time:


    Send us international ID photocopy, phone numbers, residence addresses, and emails in the native state of partners in Lithuania-based firms you would like to request a visa. You can take in up to 4 companions under one business registering.
    Direct the processing fee to our lawyers by bank transfer or any further alternate type of payment.
    Company registration will last around 5-6 business days. Our specialists prepare official papers for registration of business and send them to you via email to promptly print the documents out, then to sign as per instructions. Then you need to post the signed hard copies through a courier to our specialists.
    Once signed documents are delivered, we complete the business-registering process and arrange a finalized visa application file within the following 5-6 business days. Then via a courier package, we post the forms to you. 
    Having received the completed official papers package, you may request a visa in the closest embassy of Lithuania in your locality. In case there is no consulate in your republic, we will issue a letter of business invitation for you. Thus, you have an opportunity to apply for a temporary business visa at the office near you, which can in place of Lithuania issue such a visa. After your arrival, we will assist you in submitting an application file at the Migration Department of the country.
    Following the visa-processing period, which lasts up to two weeks, you will receive your international ID with a visa stamped on its page from the nearest consulate. This will entitle you to move around all countries of the Schengen zone visa-free within one year.



Required documents

Initial consultation stage: passport scan with personal and address data (pages shall be fully visible), living place address, telephone number, and email address; scan copy of all European Union visa or border stamps, if any; your resume, if any.


If non-resident wishes to apply for a national category D visa in Lithuania, the individual has to meet succeeding requirements:

  1. Be an owner or a stakeholder of an officially listed firm in the country’s territory.
  2. The share capital of the establishment cannot be lower than € 28’000. To arrange a firm’s stake assets you do not have to deposit your funds. In the course of business registration, we provide our resources to officially register capital of stake, and after completion of the registering process, extract the money from that bank account.



Our regular customers trust us because we always recommend the most optimal solution to their immigration problems, and we also always deliver our work on time due to our ability to cut through complexity and minimize risks

  • #1 Immigration Law Expert for Eastern Europe

    #1 Immigration Law Expert for Eastern Europe

  • 100% Guarantee for All Our Commitments

    100% Guarantee for All Our Commitments

  • No Hidden Costs

    No Hidden Costs


  • Student from Pakistan in Ukraine / Kyiv National University of Food Technologies

  • Student from Egypt in Ukraine / Successful Visa D and University Placement

  • Student from Turkey in Ukraine / Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

  • Citizen of Iran in Ukraine / Deportation Avoided, Ukrainian Residence Permit Received

  • Student from India in Ukraine / Kyiv National Economics University



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Jayesh Vangani, India

Hello Mr. Guliyev I’m ready to proceed on your Lithuanian offer proposal. Please clarify my final questions: 1) How soon I will get a Visa and Residence Permit from the date of applying. 2) As I am here, can the process be done before I leave, with the opening of a bank account? 3) I have a newly opened UK Company, can this company be a branch for that UK Company? 4) Will it be a 5 year Visa and TRC or a one year? 5) Does the amount include the accountancy fees of the company? If not, how much… Read more »

Bishnu Bhatt, India

Dear Mr. Guliyev,
Hope you are doing well and safe.
I visited your below website. Kindly advise how much do you charge fees to complete this procedures.
Is this D Visa is multi entry ??
Is there any obligation for the renewal of this Visa ?? 
Kind Regards,
Mumbai, India

Kaya Khumalo, South Africa

Thank you for detailed information, I have read that we need to deposit total of 28,000 euros capital for company registration and one year D-type long term visa. How do we do that? Do I have to deposit that amount or your company will temporary deposit their own funds on my behalf? 
I’m very much interested in this One year Lithuanian visa and would like to proceed further.
Thank you

Ali Mohammad, Pakistan

I agree to pay 2499 Euro, and what are the payment options ? Please let me know.
I am ready to come but tell me because flights are not operating because of Covid 19 of Corona.
Kindly let me know if I can travel 
If you tell I will send my passport copies and photo immediately .
Waiting for your reply

Akhand Uddin, Bangladesh

Hello Mr. Guliyev. Can you answer my questions?
1) 2099 EURO negotiation for Standard package possible ?
2) in 2099 Euro is fee Ur consulting including the fee of immigration in LITHUANIA 
3) After reaching Lithuania capital what business or job we can do ?
4) 2099 euro is up to TRC?

Amit Vagh, India

Hi, sir
First of all Thank you for time put into your informative videos. 
In addition I have a question. How we need to do the payments in instalments as it will good for me.

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