Social responsibility


Our organization is actively involved in a series of social programs that support different groups of individuals in need: orphans, people with disabilities, elderly people, etc. Thus, our company runs public awareness campaigns that are intended to foster the culture of tolerance and respect in Ukrainian society. Ukraine has interesting projects, in which we apply social responsibility norms and European education standards.

Our company strives to make a valuable input to our region’s life and future by making socially-minded decisions that have a factual, helpful, measurable impact on people and the world around them. We aim to contribute greatly to the lives of our communities and the public overall through our investigation, education and a wide scope of activities carried out by our staff.


Our Goals and Activities


One of the organization’s aims is protecting the rights and freedoms of foreigners and stateless persons who are its members or who plan to acquire the status of a member of the Organization in the future, satisfaction of their social and other interests, including economic, financial, legal, social, cultural, creative, linguistic, professional, commercial, informational, educational, scientific, educational, environmental, sports, recreation, volunteer interests.


The goals of the Organization, within its core activities, include, in particular, the dissemination and promotion of the volunteer movement related to the satisfaction of the public and other interests of non-citizens in Ukraine and abroad.

The main activities of the Organization aimed at achieving its goals (goals) include, the involvement of volunteers in volunteering activities related to the satisfaction of the public and other interests of non-residents in Ukraine and abroad, in the direction specified in the Charter of the Organization and/or the decision of the Conference of the Organization.

The organization engages volunteers, in particular foreigners and expats living in Ukraine, in the activities to conduct volunteer activities within the country.


VOLUNTEER residence permit


Unlike the vast majority of other legal consultants that offer to issue a temporary residence permit based volunteer option, we are one of the few organizations that do it 100% by law. All our volunteers are foreign residents who can join charitable activities to help as much as they can to families adopting orphans in the framework of the «Народжени в серці» / “Born in the Heart” project. The project involves a local community of families who adopt orphans officially, which allows those children to avoid psychological problems for their lifetime. Volunteers are involved with different frequency, some joining once every two weeks, some — once every 2-3 months, all by agreement. Someone helps children with English, someone teaches how to draw or make photographs, and some helping in repairing apartments of those families.

We would like to invite expatriates in Kyiv from western countries to apply for a volunteer visa in Ukraine through our organization, because received funds, for the most part, are being redirected to the above practical charitable purposes, unlike other similar agencies that use this loophole in the law to make money hypocritically. For the most expats from Europe, and developed countries it will be much better to know that they have received their permission the right way and feel proud of the title of the volunteer in Ukraine.


Obtaining Temporary Residence Permit based on Volunteer Activities 


The close location of Ukraine to European countries, as well as the simplified visa regime, makes travel to the EU countries more and more affordable every year. There are no biracial conflicts, ethnic opposition, or religious oppression in Ukraine. The residents are tolerant towards foreigners and they are known to be hospitable worldwide.

Many foreign people are coming to Ukraine for volunteer activities. There are numerous international programs currently engaged with various social groups. They are funded by global organizations, definite countries authoritiesor religious groups. All volunteers face the challenge of legalizing their stay in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government has decided that foreign volunteers may be able to temporarily reside in Ukraine for a period of one year and subsequently renew their status. However, not all volunteers are given visas, and the opportunity to enter the country. The issue of paperwork must be approached professionally. We know how to solve these problems.

If your activity is not time-consuming, a 90-day visa will be sufficient. In case you are planning to stay longer, consider obtaining a temporary residence permit. The processof getting a temporary stay permit card may seem problematic for a person who cannot speak the local language and knows nothing about the particularities of Ukrainian legislation.

In that case, our qualified lawyer will help you get rid of complications.

We offer you lawful assistance concerning immigration issues. We will help you get a volunteer residence permit in Ukraine as quickly as possible.


What is a temporary residence permit?


Residence permit card is a document that allows a non-citizen to reside in Ukraine without a visa. There are two kinds of residence permits – temporary and permanent. To note, a permanent stay permit is valid throughout the whole life of a recipient. However, it is more difficult to get it compared to a temporary residence permit and is available only to particular groups of individuals.

Most of the non-citizens, who come for education, work, religion, and other expats in Ukraine who intend to carry out volunteer activities, receive a temporary stay permit.

The certificate is valid for a year and should be prolonged every year. Nevertheless, this certificate becomes invalid as soon as the reason, on which it was issued, changes. In this situation, an individual has to return the residence permit to the state body and leave the country within the stated period. An expatriate has a right to request Ukrainian citizenship after 5-year-stay in Ukraine.


Mode of entry to Ukraine for foreign residents


If you arrive in Ukraine with a D-type visa, you can get a temporary residence permit within 45 days. Keep in mind that the 30th stay day is the deadline for submitting official papers.

You can renew your temporary residence permit in the State Migration Service.


The terms of application for foreigners are as follows:


    The citizens of the USA are eligible to enter or transit within the territory of Ukraine on a visa-free basis if their visit doesn’t exceed 90 days within 180 days period.
    The policy does not apply to the US citizens entering Ukraine with purposes of the study, work, or others with the stay duration over 90 days. SHORT-TERM VISA is not issued to the US citizens.
    Business or private residence in Ukraine for EU citizens is a good alternative. The document allow scitizens of the EU to stay for the long term in the country. EU citizens who were invited to work in a company have a perfect reason for requesting a temporary stay permit. To issue a stay permit in Ukraine for EU residents, you have to submit a package of documents.
    Currently, Ukrainian regulation allows both visa-free and visa entry procedures for Chinese residents. Holders of P.R.C. citizen IDs need to apply for a visa. Diplomatic and Service ID holders can enter Ukraine without visas if the stay is less than 90 days. Holders of the Hong Kong S.A.R. P.R.C. passports can remain in Ukraine for up to 14 days without a visa.
    As EU Member State citizens, British Citizen ID holders can enter the country without a visa for stays up to 90 days. The existing visa policy for British expats in Ukraine may change after the UK leaves the EU.
    In general, the visa processing fee is USD 65. However, the service cost depends on the respective double-treaties with Ukraine. For instance, an Austrian resident would need to pay a fee of USD 130 for a Ukrainian employment visa (regular processing time).
    State Migration Service of Ukraine checks the submitted documents for 15 days. Afterward, you can come individually and get your temporary residence permit.


How to get a Ukrainian temporary residence permit without difficulties?


The entire process of attaining a temporary residence permit, its renewal, or prolongation is rather complicated. Preparation of official papers, notarization, the translation process, and long lines in public offices are time-consuming. To save your time, use professional legal aid.

We will complete all the procedures; you will have to come twice –to submit official papers and to receive your temporary stay permit card.

Our organization also deals with other migration issues, including citizenship of Ukraine, receiving a permanent residence permit and residence registration for expats. We will assist in finding jobs and residence for expats in Ukraine. We will do our best to simplify life in Ukraine for expats.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.


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