About us

Our vision is to help individuals and their families to begin a novel life by assisting them in the study application and the settlement process.

“Live & Study in Europe” is an organization powered by its relentless commitment to its clients’ wellbeing, and driven by accuracy and truth in an industry encumbered with misinformation.

What our company looks like today, has formed after listening to what clients ultimately wanted. We found that clients did not just need immigration or higher education advice; they required help with everything associated with their time in the country of arrival. Clients wanted to find a business that they could trust to provide all of their settlement and integration solutions. 

Solutions for everything varies from providing them the optimal visa pathway to giving them the best options of where to study, and where to find a job, to reliable legal consultations on where to live, as well as a variety of investment options. 

Clients choose us because we are a one-stop-shop for all graduate studies, immigration, and integration-related matters with a top-level of personal care. We provide our full range of services to clients no matter where they are located around the world.

Our organization now operates different departments to cater for all settlement needs of the university education and immigration to Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. 







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