Work in Poland

Job placement in Poland

Our team plan to provide you with invitations for a national type D visa for 1 year. This document will allow you to work in Poland and travel anywhere in the European Union. If you are considering immigration to the EU, please note that if you decide to look for a job outside of Poland you will not be able to get any legal jobs using this visa.

Importantly, if you don’t want/ don’t like the first job, you will not work for that company, since we are able to help you find a job of your preference. The first workplace is good to work for at least one month, use the accommodation and get to know the city and how work and life are in Poland in general. The reason why we offer this company is that visa chances are very good with them since this a well-known company and they have great tax records. I would like to stress that the most important thing is to get you to Poland through the embassy and then we can assist you to find better jobs if you would like to.

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