Lithuanian Residence Permit based on a Work Permit

Lithuanian Residence Permit based on a Work Permit


This is a program not related to business immigration and is suitable for non-business-related clients willing to relocate to Europe from outside of the EU.


Advantages of living in Lithuania:


    Lithuania is part of the EU, so a residence permit in Lithuania can enable a foreign citizen to move freely around Europe;
    This country has many attractions, and you can have a fascinating time here;
    Real estate prices are affordable; you can sell an apartment at home and buy a house in this country;
    Convenient tax system.


Lithuanians are friendly to immigrants, it is very easy to adapt to the environment. It is almost impossible to face rudeness or aggression. There is no bias towards immigrants, other religions, and skin color. The total population is a bit under 3 million people. Lithuania has borders with three other EU countries – Poland, Estonia, and Latvia. Vilnius, its capital, has a population of six hundred thousand people. In recent years, the migrant workers’ level has doubled.

From the beginning of the 2023 year, the Migration Department has started providing the service of issuing TRP in Lithuania through an external service provider VFS Global. Before this, applying for a residence permit was possible only in Lithuania’s migration department directly. For this reason, you had to get a visa to come to Lithuania before that. Nowadays, it is possible to apply and obtain a two-year TRP card through VFS global visa centers that are spread around the globe without a need to separately apply for a visiting visa to come to Lithuania to apply for a residence permit.

Each year Lithuania’s Labor Exchange Department announces a list of professions that are in high demand and lacks local employees. The list each year remains more or less the same. Only a few professions are being removed or added new. This category of applicants will have simplified procedures to obtain a work and residence permit without a need to obtain permission to be employed from the labor of exchange department.


Construction sector

Wide profile construction worker, Bricklayer, Finishing mason, Concrete worker, Carpenter, Scaffold builder, Road worker, Paver, Tiler, Plasterer, Insulator, Glasser, Plumber, Ventilation pipe fitter, Pipelayer, Installer of technological pipelines and devices, Painter of metal products, Building cleaner, Welder, tinsmith, Installer of metal structures, Locksmith, Electrician, Installer of communication cables, Mechanizer, Excavator driver, etc.


Industry sector

Ship’s plumber, Ship hull painter, Assembler of metal ship hulls, Automatic line adjuster, Wide profile machinist, Software control machine operator, Metalworking machine operator, Aircraft engine mechanic, Industrial equipment mechanic, Assembler, Knitter, Printing machine operator, Butcher, Preparer of fish fillets, Sausage maker, Baker, Packer, Sorter, A worker in the furniture industry, A tailor, Clothes cutter, Hairdresser, Upholsterer, Tailor, Quality controller, Sewing machine operator, etc.


Service sector

Computer scientist, cook, train driver, Bus driver, Driver of an international transport vehicle, etc.


Agricultural sector

Qualified greenhouse worker, Mushroom grower, Skilled farm worker, Farm operator, Milking Equipment Operator, Lumberjack, qualified forestry worker, butcher, Mechanizer, etc.


Benefits of a residence permit in Lithuania


    Minimum document requirements
    Foreigners can apply via VFS in their countries, and this helps to go through the immigration process fast
    Allows bringing your close ones under a family reunion program
    It is possible to visit other EU countries without restrictions
    After 5 years of having the temporary residence card, you can apply for permanent residency and citizenship later on.


If you are interested in applying for a residence permit in Lithuania or have extra questions, please fill in the form on our website, and one of our managers will take you through all the required steps. Our document preparation will take two weeks prior to applying for a residence permit. Based on the urgent procedure, temporary residence permit processing time in the VFS office is just 45 calendar days. If you choose the normal processing speed, then it will take 90 calendar days.


Our prices and services regarding obtaining a Lithuanian residence permit based on a work permit

Packages Standard Advanced Premium
Price  (EUR) 1949 € 2149 € 2949 €
Legal consultation on obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania (up to 2 years)
Preparation of a legal basis for immigration
Work permit paperwork preparation
Submission of an application file to Lithuania’s migration department
Fast residence permit application file preparation *  
Express courier delivery of the invitation package  
Consultation on law nuances of residence permit extension to continue living in the European Union  
Residence permit application support  
Accompanying from the airport to a booked hotel or apartment  
Residence permit extension after two years stay in Lithuania    
Timing ** 10 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks


* The residence permit card will be issued in the VFS global office.

** The timing covers the period from the prepayment and necessary document collection to the residence permit package readiness.


Required documents

Initial consultation stage: passport scan with personal and address data (pages shall be fully visible), living place address in the native country, telephone number, and email address; scan copy of all European Union visa or border stamps, if any; your education history and work resume for the last three years, if any; police clearance certificate (issued no sooner than 6 months before the day of application)



Work procedure

  • Your Request

    You make a request to us and we collect your contact information

  • Free Consultation

    Free consultation is provided by us via email and, if needed, we will arrange a conference call to finalize the negotiations

  • Contract Signing & Payment

    We prepare the contract and invoice for signing and you make the necessary prepayment

  • Preparation of Legal Basis for Immigration

    We open a legal basis for immigration on your behalf, then you sign official papers

  • Residence Permit Application Package Preparation

    After that we prepare the residence permit application documents package

  • Document Delivery & Residence Permit Application

    We send you the original documents and you apply for the residence permit

  • Arrival to Lithuania

    You travel and arrive in Lithuania


Our regular customers trust us because we always recommend the most optimal solution to their immigration problems, and we also always deliver our work on time due to our ability to cut through complexity and minimize risks

  • #1 Immigration Law Expert for Eastern Europe

    #1 Immigration Law Expert for Eastern Europe

  • 100% Guarantee for All Our Commitments

    100% Guarantee for All Our Commitments

  • No Hidden Costs

    No Hidden Costs


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