TRP Marriage

Temporary Residence Permit through Marriage

A non-national or stateless individual who traveled to Ukraine with an aim of family reunion or education can register the marriage with Ukrainian citizens during their legitimate stay on the country’s territory and are capable of applying for a marriage-based temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

A family union between couplesis registered with the territorial bodies of government registration of acts of civic status.

The regional registry office accepts marriage applications and informs applicants with their constitutional rights and duties, the marriage registration procedure, and, consistent with the candidates, sets the registration date – 1-month succeeding the application submission. The state marriage processis certified by a document sanctioned by the regulation.

Motives for registering maritalunion in Ukraine:


    the wish of Ukrainian resident to register a marriage with a non-national;
    a foreign citizen’swish to register a union with a resident of Ukraine;
    the wish of a non-resident to apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
    foreign resident’s wish to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.


Live and Study in Europe has extensive practical experience in providing legal assistance for international applicants. Our team assists in further service in the republic comprising educated assistance in obtaining a family reunification visa, and the subsequent obtainment of Ukrainian residence permit. Notably, our approach is very transparent, as we do not have any hidden costs.

Packages Standard Advanced Premium Premium+
Price * (USD) $899 $1 799 $2 749 $4 299
Legal consultation on migration for foreigners based on family reunion
Passport notary translation into Ukrainian
Marriage registration for foreign citizens **
Marriage notary contract for foreign citizens **
3rd party marriage agency services **  
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine (for 1 year) **    
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine (for 2 years) **      
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine (for 3 years) **      
Medical insurance for the duration of the residence permit
Address registration (for 1 year) **    
Address registration (for 2 years) **      
Address registration (for 3 years) **      
Application for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine **    
Obtainment of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine **      
Timing *** 5-7 weeks  12 months


* Offer is available to candidates that came to Ukraine on study or family reunion visa.

** Related government fees are included in the cost.

*** The timing covers the period from the marriage registration application up until the obtainment of the TRP. The process of getting the permanent residence permit may last up to 10-12 months.


Required documents

1. Initial consultation stage: passport scan with personal and address data (pages shall be fully visible), scan copy of all Ukrainian visa or border stamps, copy of the Ukrainian TRP, if any.

2. Marriage application stage: passport, Ukrainian TRP, if any


Work procedure

  • Your Request

    You make a request to us and we collect your contact information

  • Free Consultation

    Free consultation is provided by us via email and, if needed, we will arrange a conference call to finalize the negotiations

  • Contract Signing & Prepayment

    We prepare the contract and invoice for signing and you make the necessary prepayment

  • Marriage Application

    Marriage registration application, notary marriage contract with a 2nd prepayment

  • Marriage Certificate & Postpayment

    Obtaining of the marriage certificate

  • TRP Issuance

    We help you apply for the temporary residence permit and assist you in making address registration after receiving it.


Our regular customers trust us because we always recommend the most optimal solution to their immigration problems, and we also always deliver our work on time due to our ability to cut through complexity and minimize risks

  • #1 Immigration Law Expert for Eastern Europe

    #1 Immigration Law Expert for Eastern Europe

  • 100% Guarantee for All Our Commitments

    100% Guarantee for All Our Commitments

  • No Hidden Costs

    No Hidden Costs


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  • Testimonial: Ghana Citizen in Ukraine / Deportation Avoided, Residence Permit Ukraine is Recieved

  • Testimonial: Citizen of Georgia in Ukraine / Professional Dentist with a Residence Permit in Ukraine



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Abhinav Patel, India

I’ve watched your video on YouTube, you provide a lot of useful information about immigration to EU. What are my chances of getting Shengen visa with Ukrainian marriage TRP?

Равшанбек Асатуллаев, Узбекистан

Как быстро посвидку получить можно через брак?

Zhenye Tang, China

Hello! Please advice – I’m Chinese citizen and I a temporary residence permit in Ukraine based on work permit. Can I get residence based on marriage without going back to China for a new visa D?

Бяхруз Алескеров, Азербайджан

Мы с моей девушкой планируем заключить брак через месяц. Можно чтобы мы заплатили за вашу консультацию и помощь в оформление посвидки после того, как ее получим?

John McAllister

Recently, I’ve got divorced from my wife who is Ukrainian. Can I retain my temporary residence permit till its deadline? 

Syed Shah

How can one get spouse visa for Ukraine?

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