Immigration to Ukraine

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine


Many foreigners and stateless individuals have a number of reasons for multiple visits to Ukraine. In order to simplify the procedure for entering the territory of Ukraine and legalize your stay here, it makes sense for foreigners to go through the registration of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Most temporary residence certificates are issued to foreigners who have come to study, family reunion, and employment. Other cases include foreigners who visit Ukraine to participate in international programs, for work as journalists, performing educational, cultural, scientific and volunteering activities.

For each of the listed categories, the law specifies a list of grounds for a person to get a temporary stay permit. Thus, a foreigner can get a Ukrainian temporary residence permit in case he marries a person with Ukrainian citizenship during his stay in Ukraine. On this occasion, the grounds for issuing “posvidka” are the application, the marriage certificate, and the medical insurance. In practice, a foreigner will have to leave Ukraine, get a D-type visa with a mark “family reunion,” and enter again.

For registration of a residence permit, you can apply to our company with documents proving your identity. After the conclusion of the contract for the provision of services, our employees will take care of residence permit formalization:

Terms and cost of services for residence permit registration


Terms of residence permitin Ukraine’sregistration are established by the resolution of Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers. Based on the results of the inquiry, within 2-3 weeks the head of the territorial office of the migration service makes a decision to issue the residence permit or provides a reasoned refusal. When applying for help in our company, you can count on an accelerated solution.

The cost of services for registration of residence permit depends on the stage of readiness and completeness of the immigrant’s documents. To clarify the precise price, contact the representatives of our company.

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine


A permanent stay permit is the most common and effective form of immigration to a new country (Ukraine). Whereas some countries are extremely restrictive in accepting foreigners, the others have supportive immigration policies due to a lack of labor force or poor demographic status.

A permanent stay permit provides a multitude of advantages for a foreign citizen or a refugee, such as a long stay in the country, visa-free entry, the lack of additional costs for a frequent visa, employment without issuing additional permits. In addition, a permanent residency status equates a foreigner’s rights to citizens of Ukraine, with reservations expressly provided for in the law. It is only necessary to remember that the certificate for permanent residence must be updated at the age of 25 and 45 years.

A special document, called “posvidka certificate,” is issued to foreign persons to confirm their right to stay in Ukraine for a long time. Obtaining such confirmation seems easy if an individualhas valid reasons for that. 


Nonetheless, is it possible for a foreigner to collect the required documents and comply with all judicial requirements tomakehis stay on the territory of Ukraineacceptable?


How to get a work permit in Ukraine?


Foreign residents and refugees can be employedonly after getting a permit that is granted by Ukraine’s State Employment Service. Workerswho have a permanent stay permit do not need a working permit to be employed.

Workpermit in Ukrainecan be grantedfor a period of 3 years. The employer has to submit the required documents as well as pay the fees. Authorizationis issued to the firm, as work permits are necessary for employment in a certain organization. Therefore, if you receive work authorization you will be allowed to work only in a particular organization.

Permit to work does not authorize a foreigner to live in Ukraine. Yet, getting a working permit is one of the essentials to receive a stay permit in the country.If you wish to launch a company in Ukraine, a work permit is necessary. Venture or business activity does not necessitate anemployment permit. It is required in case a foreign citizen plans to be appointed to the high position of a legal entity.


Who can get work authorization in Ukraine?


In line with the laws of Ukraine, employment is allowed from the age of 16. Any resident regardless of nationality can request a work permit. 

The cost of work permit services in Ukraine depends on the stage of readiness of the applicant’s documents. To clarify the exact price, contact the managers of our company.



Immigration to Ukraine through investment


Ukraine offers permanent residency via investment to all foreigners and their families (spouse and children below 18). This entitles the individual to the same rights as a Ukrainian resident, except the right to vote.


Changes in legislation


Since January 2018, Ukraine has new rules concerning the procedure of obtaining a permanent residency by foreign citizens. Amendments made to the legislation provide for:

In order to receive long-term residence in Ukraine, a non-resident must:

Types of Ukrainian Visas


Visas of Ukraine are issued in 3 types:

— B type (transit) visas

B-category visas are grantedwhen a tourist plans to transit through Ukraine within 5 days. Category B visas are issued as single/double/ multiple entry documents valid for 1 year or more liable on supporting documents. 

— C type (short-term) visas


C-category visas are grantedto foreign tourists who plan to stay in the country for 90 days in every 180 days. C category visas or tourist visas are granted as single/double/ multiple entry visas, which are valid for 6 months or a different period but cannot be granted for over a 5 year-term.

— D type (long-term) visas


D-category visas are grantedin situations where a foreign individual plans to request a temporary residence permit to reside on Ukraine’sterritory for over 90 days. D category visas are issued as several entry visas valid for 90 days.

Invitation to enter Ukraine


Citizens of a number of countries that are members of the CIS, as well as from the EU countries enter the territory of Ukraine without issuing visas. Stay of citizens in Ukraine, using a visa-free regime, is limited to 90 days. For residents of other states, as well as stateless persons, visas are required to enter the territory of Ukraine. The basis for issuing a visa is the invitation of a foreigner.

The migration service officers issue an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine. Both physical and legal persons can act as inviting parties.

Our company will tell you how to invite a foreigner to Ukraine, provide services for issuing invitations; and consult in choosing the type of visa and host.

List of provided services


It is not always possible to get a permanent stay permit in the country for the first time. Because of the lack of knowledge in the field of migration law, some mistakes may be made. Competent employees of our company are ready to provide a wide range of services, including:

Our company provides work and residence permit services for foreign residents in Ukraine. We offer only first-rate assistance. In the course of this procedure, we provide consultations, necessary documents, and legal support.

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