National Work Visa in Poland by Voivodeship invitation (Wojewódzki zaproszenie)

The latest EU economy survey exposed that Poland’s labor market is thriving. Career prospects in the republic are promising. There are many jobs available for candidates from all over the world, who see Poland as a work destination. In fact, it is now one of the leading shared employment services / business process outsourcing hubs in the European Union.


To start working at one of the corporations in Poland you should get a work visa at the Polish Embassy in your homeland or in the state where you have a permanent residence permit.


This kind of visa is issued on the grounds of Wojewódzki zaproszenie – an invitation from the Voivodeship, licensed by a Voivode (which in translation means the governor post of the Polish governmental division, analogous to a “province” in several other states). A firm that wants to hire a foreigner submits an application for employmentto the Voivode office for foreigners at the registration placeof the enterprise.

Because the consulate, in the first place, is guided by the Governor’s decision, such an invitation to a visa is confirmed almost at all times. The period of application processing is usually between 8 and 10 weeks (40-50 working days).


Our Voivodeship invitation provides the following benefits to our customers:


    The lawful right to liveas well as work in Poland for an entire year (360/360);
    Right to travel in EU countries with a local residence card (after receiving it in 3 months);
    Free accommodation close to an employment site;
    Opportunity to search for other jobs in Poland;
    Salary in 800-1200 EUR per month range;
    Great modern medical coverage free of charge for all foreign employers from the Polish government;
    Opportunities to work and live extensively if a person is willing to consistently work and pay taxes;
    More similar job opportunities from year 2 in Germany and Belgium with 2000-2250 Euro per month’s salaries.



Our services and fees

Packages Standard Advanced Premium
Price * (EUR) 849 € 1 099 € 1 599 €
Legal consultation on work immigration to Poland
Formal job offer from a Polish company
Official Voevoda 1-year work visa invitation **
Guarantee letter from the Polish company for the Polish consulate  
Accomondation letter from the Polish company for the Polish consulate  
Employer request letter from the Polish company for the Polish consulate  
Preliminary labor contract with the Polish employing company  
Express courier delivery of the invitation package  
Visa application support  
Fast appointment at the consulate of Poland on the territory of a country of residence or a closest consulate to your location    
Airport border control Q&A online training support  
Accompanying from the airport to a booked hotel or appartment
Medical insurance for the duration of the residence permit
On-job training at the factory
Accomodation close to factory facilities
Official Voevoda 2-year work visa invitation ** +300 EUR for any package
Official Voevoda 3-year work visa invitation ** +450 EUR for any package
Extension of legal stay after the end of the work visa for a period of 1 year +900 EUR for any package
Timing *** 8-10 weeks



* Prices may vary based on candidate’s citizenship. All related government and Voivode office fees are included in the cost.

** One can apply for a Polish visa only from his/her home country or a country where he/she has permanent residence

*** The timing covers the period from the prepayment to the visa invitation package readiness.


Required documents

Initial consultation stage: passport scan with personal and address data (pages shall be fully visible); scan copy of all European Union visa or border stamps, if any; your resume, if any


Work procedure

  • Your Request

    You make a request to us and we collect your contact information

  • Free Consultation

    Free consultation is provided by us via email and, if needed, we will arrange a conference call to finalize the negotiations

  • Job Offer & Prepayment

    We prepare a Job Offer from the employer company, then the contract and invoice for signing and you make the necessary prepayment

  • Essential Paperwork

    We apply your documents for the Voivode work visa invitation

  • Voivode Work Permit Invitation Issuance

    As soon as the Polish work visa invitation is ready, we will send you its scan copy

  • Post Payment & Document Delivery

    You make the post payment and we will send you the original documents.

  • Arrival to Poland and Job Placement

    You travel to Poland and you will be placed at work with accomodation after resuming nesessary medical checks and the employment contract


Our regular customers trust us because we always recommend the most optimal solution to their immigration problems, and we also always deliver our work on time due to our ability to cut through complexity and minimize risks

  • #1 Immigration Law Expert for Eastern Europe

    #1 Immigration Law Expert for Eastern Europe

  • 100% Guarantee for All Our Commitments

    100% Guarantee for All Our Commitments

  • No Hidden Costs

    No Hidden Costs


  • Testimonial: Citizen of Kenya in Poland / Polish Voivode Work Visa Received, Job Vacancy Filled

  • Testimonial: Citizen of Nigeria in Poland / Polish Voivode Work Visa Received, Job Vacancy Filled

  • Testimonial: Citizen of Kenya in Poland / Polish Voivode Work Visa Received, Job Vacancy Filled

  • Testimonial: Citizen of Uganda in Poland / Polish Voivode Work Visa Received, Job Vacancy Filled

  • Testimonial: Citizen of Cameroon in Poland / Polish Voivode Work Visa Received, Job Vacancy Filled

  • Ghana Citizen in Ukraine / Deportation Avoided, Residence Permit Ukraine is Recieved

  • Citizen of Iran in Ukraine / Deportation Avoided, Ukrainian Residence Permit Received



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I am looking for administrative job in Poland any vacancies for foreigners please

Prince Adjei-Kumi

I am looking for any company work in Poland


Am a tiler and really interested in coming to Poland to WORk

Daljit Singh

What is package means standard,advance primium. What is the total cost of work permit

sunny guleria

IAM a painter sir,will the company provide my vissa

Uhegwu Alexander

Please what’s the difference between the Standard price and the Premium price?


hello sir ,
I have a question how can i got a network engineer, network associate engineer, network technician or desktop support job in poland. I’ve a good knowledge in (ccna R&S, ccnp R&S, firewall asa, check point , palo alto, mcsa 2012.


Hi, I’m a bcom graduate looking for job opportunities in UK. Just wanted to check if there was possibilities

Rajan kanwar

What is the visa success rate of your company because I heard that the Polish embassy in India is rejecting 50% of work permit applications?
I am a director of the travel company in India.
I have many clients of Poland work permit, at present we are doing Hungary work permits from India and success ratio is 99%.

Deepak Cardoza

Hi Sir,

I am looking for Hungary work permits.
I am from India(karnakataka)
Could you please get back to me on 9019871748?


Mr. Guliyev, I watched your YouTube video about Poland’s work visa. I am currently in Ukraine, I have posvidka here and I will graduate from a university here. Can I apply for a Polish work visa here?


I don’t have experience as a packaging worker (job serial no 6), will Poland company give me training? May be Embassy will ask me, do you have experience as a packaging worker during interview. If I say no, Embassy May cancel my visa. So I have experience over hotel and restaurant job. I can work as a where house store keeper, cleaning supervisor or chief steward, waiter, cook. I think, you will understand my massage. Thanks


Hi live and study, pls are Nigerians granted visa? And can someone study also while working, does it increase ones chances of extension? And does it help in getting papers?

Suzana Godfrey Sawe

I can pay you after get a work visa with a job offer letter. Bcoz allrady I was some loss money.

Jigneshkumar Patel from India

I send a scanned passport and my actual CV to your email, sir!! I would like to know if I have the right to choose among the positions you mentioned in the word document, if that’s the case I would like to choose ” shopping mall cleaner ” !!

Hamza Ibrahim

Is it possible to pay 200 euro as the first installment and rest of the amount after the visa application decision because we both (parties) are at the position of risk?

Muhammad Umer, Pakistan

What is the visa success rate of your company because I heard that the Polish embassy in Pakistan is rejecting most of the work permit applications?

Shuvan Hossain, Bangladesh

Actually sir I graduation in accounting that’s why if any position related to accounting please tell me in futures

Toluwalase Adebayo

What are the supporting documents I need to present at Poland embassy in my country? Secondly after the one year visa can I extend my stay and visa to permanent residence?

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