Lithuania (Business Immigration)


Live and study in Europe is an international consulting company. We offer various kinds of assistance for your work and immigration to Europe in view of business activities in Europe and the real estate purchase. Our consultants will provide the best options for your business purchase and immigration to Lithuania.

Below is our proposal for immigration to Lithuania. Business visas in Lithuania are prevalent among foreign residents who wish to launch their business in the Baltic States. The multiple “D” category national visas are issued for one year and then can be prolonged into Temporary Residence Permit in the EU for two years.

Our team helps our clients obtain a Schengen business visa in Lithuania. We consult and assist entrepreneurs in getting a visa in Europe, for instance, getting a business visa to Europe from India or Nigeria, among many other countries. As we commit to a responsible approach to this procedure, it will be completed in the shortest time. 

The business permit in Lithuania will enable you to travel, set up a business and reside in Lithuania along with the Schengen zone states with no or minimal limitations. We will be in charge of processing European business visa documents. Our broad experience, expertise, and understanding Lithuanian regulations on a professional level allow us to carry out this process fast and effective, hence the Lithuanian business visa process does not require a lot of time. We do not delay our service – we work here and now and do it properly!


One-Year Lithuanian National D-type visa (Schengen) procedure



The BEST OPPORTUNITY! Register a business activity in Lithuania, to apply for a state D type visa for one-year straight away! The registration of a firm lasts 2 weeks. The company can be registered distantly (not required to travel to Lithuania)


Following the visa application procedure, you will have a stamp in your ID with permission to reside in Lithuania until visa issuance. It lasts nearly 2 to 4 weeks. A claimant needs to keep 14,000 Euros in his bank account to confirm his funds and investments for the firm.


Places to apply for a National type D visa are:



The following documents are essential to start the process:

1) Send us a copy of the ID, residence address, phone number by email. Also, legalized police clearance certificate should be submitted together with the application.
2) Prepayment for the provided services is 50% of the fee, the remaining sum should be transferred when all the documents on our part are complete.

D-type national visa permits traveling across the Schengen zone (Austria, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Sweden, etc.)


Apply right now without hesitation for a one-year Schengen Visa! Send us by email all the necessary documents, or fill the form Request an Appointment


Advantages of one-year visa:

  1. Fast visa processing time.
  2. Education or police clearance certificates aren’t required.
  3. You can visit all the countries in the EU with one visa all year long.
  4. No need to employ any Lithuanian citizens.


How is it possible to get the Lithuanian Business Visa?


1. Documents are necessary for the visa procedure

For immigration to Europe, it is essential to provide only an international ID and photograph. We arrange all remaining official papers and translation by ourselves.

Your spouse or even a business companion can become your enterprise’s shareholder and obtain residence permits in Europe as well. Foreign citizen’s children under 18 can obtain residence permits automatically. For further details, contact the immigration lawyers of our organization.


2. Requirements for a Business visa of Lithuania

To begin with, to obtain a permanent or temporary permit to Lithuania, it is necessary to submit a business visa invitation letter validated by the Migration Department. To arrange this invitation, we consider the following data:



Foreign residents traveling to Lithuania for business as workers also need to have the documents listed below:


Procedure of obtaining a Lithuanian residence permit:




We provide the migration services listed below:



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