About Ukraine

About Ukraine

Ukraine has a very hospitable nation and a cutting-edge European education system. Universities of Ukraine are known worldwide and serve as a model of the academic level. For many residents of developing countries, moving to study in Ukraine, which borders the European Union, becomes a chance to escape to a republic with European culture, favorable climate, and friendly people. It is cheaper to get a graduate degree here than in other EU colleges: the cost of living and studying is about $100-150 per month. The main criteria for selecting studies in this country are innovative education and price-quality. Other favorable causes are tolerance towards non-nationals, and the prospect of opening and running a business.



Education in Ukraine


Ukraine attracts international applicants as a country with an advanced level of education, which they can obtain at a relatively low price. Over 63 thousand non-nationals get an education at local institutions today, and their number grows constantly.


Reasons why foreign candidates choose Ukraine:



Geographical features and climate

Ukraine is attractive for tourists owing to the plenty of historical attractions, good climate, diverse nature, and the lack of a language barrier.


Geographical location

Ukraine is positioned in Eastern Europe. It borders with Moldova, Romania, and Hungary in the southwest and with Belarus Slovakia along with Poland, in the North. The country’s overall territory covers 603,700 km2.

Azov with the Black sea washes Ukraine from the South. The longest distance from East to West is 1300 km; from South to North is 900 km. The overall state boundary length of the territory is 7698 km. Consistent with the administrative-territorial arrangement; the land is comprised of 24 regions.

Flat ranges are heterogeneous in their terrain. The largest part (95%) of the state is flat. The high lands are situated in the Southern and Western regions.



Climate in Ukraine

In many parts of Ukraine, the typical weather is moderately continental, with distinct seasons. In West plus the south, the climate is milder than in the Eastern and the Northern zones.

The average temperature in January in the North of the republic is -7 degrees; in the Central areas, it rises to -5. The average daytime temperatures in winter vary from -3 to +6 from North to South. The summer season is warm, with an average temperature in July +18 to + 20 degrees. On specific occasions, the temperature can rise to +32.

Rain is distributed randomly across the territory. Most of it falls in mountainous ranges. The level of precipitation in the Carpathian Mountains reaches 1,400-1,600 mm. The Southeastern parts of the republic are waterless, the level of precipitation there does not exceed 400 mm, and in certain periods, there are droughts.



Cost of Living in Ukraine



Freshmen choose to stay in campus dormitories. Various dorms are offered to them– renovated, with good conditions, etc. The undergraduate will pay approximately $50-100 per month. For more comfort, apartments for rent could be an option. The rental price varies based on the location. For instance, to renting a flat with 1-room with all conditions in a novel building in Sumy will cost $250 per month, whereas in Kyiv prices will be $350-400 monthly. You might also think about renting a single room in a flat. At any rate, international students are always provided with a residence place.

Teaching space and lodgings are found in the same block for freshmen. For non-native people, this is convenient since they do not have to commute to the campus and use public transportation. Every university has many dormitories for the comfortable accommodation of international citizens. There are big kitchens with a gas oven and additional necessities. Besides each section have a bathroom and a toilet. One room is for 2 or 3 persons. Several cameras are fitted on the range of the Dormand it is guarded round the clock. There are particular hours for visits and all guests and gatherings are observed. Smoking is not permitted in the dormitory. All surroundings are prepared for recreation and are regularly cleaned. Those who wish, can do sports, use a pool, or go to other optional sections.


Life Conditions

Here are some statistics:




Foreigners and compatriots were interviewed about the things in which Ukraine will give a head start to Europe and the United States.




Ukraine’s Social Life



In Ukraine, You have a unique opportunity to visit theaters, cinemas, and exhibitions, cinemas at attractive prices.

Most museums and art galleries offer special reductions for students. Ukrainian Opera is known for such national performances as “Zaporozhets za Dunay.” Touching stories, filled with the essence of Ukrainian authenticity, attract the viewer with dynamic folk dances, and the songs create a full range of experiences.


Social life

Students in Ukraine become active participants in public life, filled with various events, and as a rule, the student years remain the main and most valuable memories of a lifetime.

Each institution has a student community, all of whose activities are aimed at improving the conditions, both in social life and in the educational process. The community often holds various events, training competitions, scientific and practical conferences. Intellectual contests are widely held here. Students take an active part in conferences to demonstrate the results of their research work.



There are all the opportunities and facilities for involving in your favorite sport.

Major colleges have their gyms with playgrounds. Sports culture in Ukraine is currently at the peak of popularity. There are various gyms, sports complexes, in each city, so you may find one at an affordable price and close to home.

sport facility



Ukraine is a region with a huge potential for fertile land and luxurious nature.

Everyplace has its exclusive natural and architectural sights. You may visit several museums, nature reserves, and natural parks. Ukraine pleases and attracts with its elegant architecture, cozy diners, and cafes, in addition to cultural heritage.

Western part retains the charm of the European essence; you may visit ancient temples, legendary castles, mountains with waterfalls that evoke unique emotions and feelings.

Numerous ski resorts such as Bukovel, invite you to the Carpathians for winter holidays. A river cruise from Kyiv along the Dnieper with access to the Black sea will give you an unforgettable experience.



Various traditional festivals are held constantly in every large city.

Traditional holidays are treated as an outstanding event in the life of every citizen and are often celebrated in the family circle. People attend concerts and fairs during Shrovetide, Christmas, and Ivan Kupala. At the events, you may taste Ukrainian cuisine, take an active part in numerous folk amusements, and plunge into the Ukrainian culture.



You can also celebrate your traditional holidays in Ukraine.

The college administration always provides a day off for international citizens, as part of the celebrations dedicated to their national holidays, where foreigners can demonstrate their unique culture to everyone.


Tolerant society

Local society is tolerant to non-residents and is well-known for its hospitality all over the globe.



Ukraine is indeed a safe site for travelers. Common destinations are peaceful and calm.

Random demonstrations can occur in the major urban hubs across the republic so tourists are advised to stay away from such places. Minor crimes like pickpocketing may happen yet the risk level is similar to most traveler destinations worldwide.

Sightseers’ major security risk is characterized by robberies and trivial crime, which is normal for congested areas. To lessen the risks it is recommended to take typical safety precautions.

Currently, there is a stable trend towards a decrease in the number of offenses committed in Ukraine.




Why do foreign applicants select Ukraine?


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