University Admission Information for 2020-2021 Academic Year


University Admission Information for 2020-2021 Academic Year in Ukraine


“Live and Study in Europe” is happy to announce that the 2020-2021 Academic Year Admission process to join higher educational institutes in Ukraine is now open!


“Live and study in Europe” is the authorized representative of numerous higher institutions in Ukraine and other Eastern European republics. Our company uses proven technologies to seek educational programs and effective enrollment strategies, so applicants do not have to look for information and perform pointless actions. While our team is involved in your registration process, you can prepare for entrance exams or study English or Ukrainian languages. Our professionals will choose quality educational options, specialties with a low budget included. We offer to develop a strategy of enrollment and learning, which will allow foreign applicants to save on the overall cost of getting an education in a country like Ukraine


We offer a comprehensive range of services for applicants from various countries




Official Study Invitation


Before the Ukrainian Embassy issues you an education visa, the invitation letter’s actual copy taken from the institute you are applying to is required. Verify that you request a visa in the proper period because from the issuance date, the stated document is valid for only 180 days. It is essential to undergo the next steps to receive an invitation letter:


1. Contact us with a request and fill out our special application form.


2. Submit copies of the required official papers.

It is compulsory to provide scanned copies of the documents listed belowwith the completed on-line form (please check whether the copies are legible):




3. Payment procedure for visa support and the invitation.

Our company is going to review the application and get approval from the institution selected by the applicant. We will send the confirmation for university admission and the invitation number. Next, the applicant makes payment for to applicant’s email:




4. Obtain the original letter ofinvitation.

Once the individual completes payment for the services stated above, we can send the original invitation letter to the address in the country of residence, specified by the foreign student.


Ukraine Study Visa and Temporary Residence Registration Process


Foreign applicants from countries that necessitate a visa or else have official permission for a visa-free 90 days-period as a minimum (business trips, tourism, or private) should request a D-type visa (for lasting stay) that permits foreigners to reside over 90 days on the country’s territory.

To receive an education category D-13 visa, a candidate needs to submit several official papers to the Embassy of Ukraine in the concerned republic as specified on the webpage of the consulate. A potential student will be requested to provide the actual “Invitation to study” copy. Note that the formal papers of your previous education have to be officially licensed prior to the submission.

In advance to issuance to applicants, all “University Invitations” delivered by the colleges undergo required enrollment at the local Education & Science Ministry. We perform this type of listings in place of the Government and arrange formal process confirmation (visa support) in Kyiv to Ukraine’s Consular Mission in the countries concerned. The consular office does not admit official papers from foreign citizens without registering. Thus, the embassy cannot ensue with issuing study visas.


Main Educational Qualifications and Preparatory Language Courses


Receiving an education in Ukrainian universities is both beneficial and prestigious. We guarantee that you will gain all the knowledge in your selected area. There are manyinstitutes, so you have a wide choice. What is required to do is select anappropriate program, prepare the documents required, and start your education. There are several forms of grants, funding, and scholarships, so every applicant can choose the most relevant college.

Explore the learning programs and see the prices to find the best local universities for BA and MA programs. Resident students and alumni have been recognized and appreciated worldwide for long. The indigenous academic system includes governmental, instructive, and investigation institutions that use unified standards and regulations in the teaching and assessment processes. It is not required for non-native students to deliver global certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. It is mandatory to undergo an English interview (required level — advanced) to be enrolled in the English medium of instruction.

In case you think that your basic knowledge of core subjects is insufficient, you are invited to join the preparatory training. The focal purpose of the preparatory program is to improve the learner’s knowledge level before university studies. Similarly, the course offers preparation in physics, mathematics, biology, and supplementary disciplines required for further mastering the undergraduate program. This enables students to get sufficient knowledge of core subjects to pass the official entrance exams. The second function of the preliminary course is teaching the Ukrainian language to foreigners. Students from around the world have achance to learn the language within 10 months. Note that attending lectures in Ukrainianis 25-40% cheaper than in the neighboring Eastern European universities. 

Preparation course certificate gives a non-resident student the right to proceed with education by chosen specialty in any local institution. Such preparatory training courses lay the foundation for upcoming successful training and help the potential student adapt to the socio-cultural environment.

The preliminary program comprises the succeeding courses:



Foreign Diplomas Recognition and Legalization


Authorization practice of international educational papers, diplomas (previously termed as “nostrification”) is intended to guarantee the non-residents’rights (those who were educated in other countries), for ongoing edifications and/or specialized accomplishments in the country. This process is performed on a personal basis. Acceptance of diplomas certifying education obtained abroad is conducted in complete agreement with Recognition of Qualifications regarding the European Higher Education Convention, endorsed by the matching native Regulation of 3 December 1999 № 1273-XIV, accompanied by the aforementioned decree’s endorsements. 

Once the documents are approved, the title holder of non-resident official papers obtains a credential sanctioning the document owner’s right, authorized by the foreign country’s institution, to carry on with training or work undertakings in an academy/university or local organizations in the republic’s area. This type of document’s issuance is completed based on a proficient specialist’s resolution – an undergraduate or graduate institute, otherwise the Education &Science Ministry. Usually, nostrification practice starts upon arrival of the non-native student to Ukraine, and itis finalized during his first school year in the republic.






Your application has been successfully submitted. Please wait for a response via email.

Send us an email to to expedite processing and assign a manager. We recommend attaching your resume and other relevant information to your email.

Due to the increased number of applications from clients in your region and the limited number of vacancies, additional information will help us to consider your application more quickly.

Your application has been received earlier.

Please await a response from your personal manager

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