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igor sikorsky kyiv polytechnic institute

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History of Excellence

The Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is among the prominent and oldest technical institutions in Europe. It appeared in 1898. The institute is known for its academic excellence and foremost groundbreaking studies. The academy ranks first on a nationwide scale, is recognized globally in several scholastic, and investigation programs classified as one of the best 10 in their sphere. During the period of its existence, the National Technical University prepared 370 000 professionals, 60 000 of which were taught during Ukraine’s independence period. The current total learners’ number at 29 colleges is 40 500 students.

National Technical University comprises four departments: engineering, agricultural, mechanical, as well as chemical. The first college principal was a well-known scholar V.L. Kyrpychov. Founders of KPI materialized the finest traditions of renowned technical colleges in Europe. The core of the systematic and technical education system was a blend of natural sciences, physics, calculus, chemistry, with other KPI courses. It comprised general engineering, attaining vocational and applied skills in production and investigation institutions. In the course of history, the Igor Sikorsky Institution has been applying these principles.


Faculties and Departments

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute could be a winning option for those who wish to get educated in Ukraine. The KPI offers various program options for learners of some investigation institutes, study centers, 9 research institutions, and 19 different faculties. Preparation of specialists, bachelors, masters, as well as doctors of sciences, is conducted here. It comprises 30 research and training departments (19 faculties and 9 institutes), 12 research establishments, 8 scientific study centers, 14 investigation hubs, and a design bureau. Undergraduates (125 areas), specialists (115 specialties), masters of engineering, professors of sciences, and candidates of sciences are taught here. The education staff includes 10 academicians and National Science Academy’s corresponding members, over 500 professors, beyond 1300 associate professors. KPI campuses combine the comfortable conditions for training, sports, recreation, and social lives of its employees that count 50,000 individuals.


University Achievements




Renowned People of KPI




Alumni Highlights




Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

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Institutionwith Honors

National University of Kyiv was created in 1834. University received its name in honor of renowned Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861)— a writer, public and administrative figure, lyricist, as well as artist from Ukraine, who worked there as a field investigator. In1994, Leonid Kravchuk, the Ukrainian President granted the“National” status to the establishment. In 2008, Kyiv University was rated as the foremost learning and investigation center of the state for schooling with qualifications of university education. Ukrainian Ministers Cabinet ranked KNU self-governing and autonomous research institution in 2009. This provided better funding of KNU for its further advancement. It is now a traditional institution with a distinctive profile, that has the most prominent modern scholastic and investigation center in Ukraine.


Faculties and Departments




University Highlights




Notable Alumni


Mikhail Bulgakov – a writer, best known for his novel “The Master and Margarita”; 

Mykhailo Drahomanov – politician, economist, historian, philosopher;

Leonid Kravchuk – politician, the 1st Ukrainian president;

Mykhailo Hrushevsky – Ukrainian statesman, academician, political figure and historian;

Vitaliy & Wladimir Klitschko – former world champions in heavyweight boxing, Vitaliy is at present the major of Kyiv;

Petro Poroshenko – Ukrainian businessman and official who served as the fifth Ukrainianpresident from 2014 to 2019;

Bolesław Woytowicz – Polish pianist and composer;

Mikheil Saakashvili – Rose Revolution frontrunner and Georgian head of state elected twice (2004–2013) ;

Theodosius Dobzhansky – a well-known Ukrainian-American evolutionary natural scientist & geneticist.



National Aviation University

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Institution’s Background

National Aviation University in Kyiv is well-known as among the largest and leading aviation institutes worldwide. Hundreds of academics and lecturers, several thousands of alumni have contributed significantly to the advancement in methodology, industry, as well as the science on national and universal levels. They developed into the vigorous makers of technological and scientific advancement. NAU has a positive reputation and is widespread abroad and in Ukraine.

The university initiated its function in 1933. Ever since the foundation, the institute has educated thousands of experts in the aviation sphere. Hence, presently, the university comprises 15 institutions, the ICAO, Law Center of Air & Space, and 2 high schools. NAU is regarded as the best pilot academy in Ukraine that has over 45000 undergraduates, 1200+ non-resident undergraduates from over 50 countries.


#1 Aviation College in Ukraine

The National Aviation Institution in Kyiv has formed firm long-run relationships with Ukraine’s prominent establishments in the aviation industry. It offers prominent air traffic authorities to conduct lectures at the institute. The personnel include 75 honored academicians along with the Government award winners. Based on NAU, ICAO functions. It includes the EASA (Training Centre of European Aviation Safety) and is in charge of airplanes’ working conditions along with flight safety.

Throughout its viability, over 150,000 Field Specialists with Masters have received education at the institution, and currently, they serve as the representatives of the institute in CIS, all local districts, as well as overseas.The academic process is arranged at a high-end level to add to the best educational and research staff. It includes 15 scholars, 850 Ph.D., candidates of science, and 265 lecturers. Academy’s campuses comprise a dining hall for a thousand individuals, 11 hostels, a Sports Center, a new canteen, a Health Center, which is furnished with cutting-edge health-care and diagnostic amenities, and an Art Center with hall comprising 1500 seats. 

It has 75 different helicopters and airplanes, 240 onboard systems, test benches, 42 aircraft engines, 3 plane simulators, as well as over 5000 up-to-date specialized PCs used in the preparation course.

The library’s fund contains 2.5 million science & technology books. NAU owns a novel airbase, which has an exclusive air hangar, an airfield for teaching, an aerodynamic set comprising a wind tunnel with air-ground equipment. Clubs of aircraft modeling are in demand among institution personnel along with learners.


Prominent Alumni

Yang Ho Cho – Chairman, CEO of «Korean Air»;

Leonid Kuchma – the 2nd Ukrainian President;

Pavel Grachev – former Russia’s defense minister; 

Anatoliy Shpak – the first Ukrainian National Academy ofScience’s Vice President, and the Chief Scientific Secretary.



National University of Food Technologies

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University Background

The National University of Food Technology is one of the best and oldest Ukrainian universities, which prepares professionals for the food and processing industries in all sectors. It is the only technical university in Ukraine, which offers education for competent professionals of numerous educationally trained levels for high-tech industries from a junior specialist to a degree of master’s. Annually, the academy begins teaching professionals in novel fields and specializations, dictated by the modern time requirements, and scientifically based attitude to the nutrition issues of the Ukrainian population. Assuming the market conditions and the rapid improvement of the processing and food industry, young people deliberately rely on university education, and specifically on the NUFT.

Studying at NUFT is a guarantee of quality preparation that is based on the latest world attainments in the area, along with a good job prospect owing to the well-deserved university’s authority and the specialists’ high qualification. The vast majority of former students are assigned to work under the contracts’ terms with enterprises. Students, who tend to investigate, and obtain a diploma with honors are recommended for entry into graduate school.

NUFT is a higher institution in which a closed cycle of preparatory studies, step and postgraduate education, and specialists’ retraining is led. In addition to the basic higher education institute, the NUFT includes two advanced training institutes, 7 branches, and 11 colleges situated in various cities of Ukraine.

Preparations for passing the UPE and entering the institution are carried out by the Pre-University Education Center for citizens of Ukraine as well as foreign countries.


Interesting Facts




Kyiv National Economics University

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University Background

The Kyiv National University of Economics, named after Vadim Hetman, is a renowned university of Ukraine. KNEU specializes in economics. The institution began its function in 1906, and its rich history extends over 108 years. KNEU sustains its leading position in higher institute rankings locally and has a good reputation among recruiting companies. The city-type college campus contains 7 blocks, 10 faculties, 40 departments, research, and a department, 5 colleges, 1 technological park, 21 foundations for basic and applied investigation, and the biggest library among all Ukrainian universities. The university is ranked consistently among the Grade A economic institutions in Ukraine.


Organizational Structure

Kyiv National University of Economics is a big university, which enrolls over 15 thousand students. Together with locals, non-resident citizens can enroll in the institution. In the central institute, teaching personnel that educate non-local students comprises eight corresponding and full members of the Ukrainian National Sciences Academy, over 127 doctors of science and professors, 507 assistant professors as well as candidates of science. The KNEU is recognized as a training center of managers, law defenders, along with economists. It is a self-governing state research institution. The institution has audiences for lectures, halls for workshops as well as seminars, computer labs, and others. The university has a gym area, the stadium, as well as 6 hostels. There is a university library. The institution offers its students accommodation in a hostel. The college offers Bachelor’s and MA’s programs in management and economics, postgraduate advanced professional training courses, along with doctorate programs. BA program lasts 4 years, specialist’s program lasts 1-2 years, and the MA program’s study period 1-2 years. 


University Highlights



Notable Alumni

The current president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky who was inaugurated on 20 May 2019 is KNEU’s alumni. He is a political figure, actor, stand-up comedian, and screenwriter.Before Zelensky became a president, he got a degree in law, and then originated “Kvartal 95,” a TV show production company that produces cartoons, movies, and comedy series. “Kvartal 95” created a TV series called “The servant of the people,” in which Vladimir played Ukrainian Leader’s role.



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